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Training opportunities

For employees: Training at work

There is a perception among workers that when in comes to imparting training employers prefer to invest in training younger workers at the expense of older ones. That is true. The Labour Force Survey (sponsored by the DWP) shows that once employees reach 50 their chances of getting training declines sharply. A closer look at the research suggests that the logic of preferring to train younger workers at the expense of older ones is flawed.

Several studies have shown that, far from being more difficult to train, or less interested in training, older workers perform on par with younger workers in formal training and, in fact, perform slightly better in informal training. In extensive studies the only areas in which older workers fared less favourably against younger workers were physical speed and memory. This was compensated for by higher scores elsewhere, including in attitudes to training and in perseverance with any given learning task.

Lifelong Learning for Older Workers
Training a mixed age workforce

For the unemployed and self-employed: Sourcing training, UK offers a range of apprenticeships. Many of them are open to older apprentices. Areas covered:

Administration & Professional
Customer Service, Retailing & Wholesaling
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
Food & Drink
Health & Beauty
Health care & Public Services
Media & Printing
Recreation & Travel


Academy of Learning / Age Unlimited
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AARP International
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The AARP (tel: 608-251-7612) has a lot of information for employers and employees: Easing the Transition: Phased and Partial Retirement Programs; How to Recruit Older Workers; How to Train Older Workers; How to Manage Older Workers etc. Visit them here.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program is a government (Dept of Labor) initiative to train and place older people. Tel:  1-877-US-2JOBS

The Society for Human Resource Management provides a wealth of information.

Funding for training:

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